Hello! Welcome to my blog, you are currently reading my very first blog post. I am quite excited about this, because I really can’t wait to share some nice projects, stories and tutorials on costume designing with you. But why costume designing? As you might have read already in the “About me” section, I have been doing Live Role Play for quite some years now, and preparing for an event is half the fun in my opinion! For me, this means writing a character, and after that: making a costume that goes with it. The real fun starts here! Buying fabric, spending evenings and weekends behind the sewing machine, and after all that: wearing my new costume for one weekend 😛

For some people however, this will be the moment where the headaches start kicking in. Those are the people that think costumes involve either a lot of nasty work with needles and bunches of fabric, or a lot of money spent on clothing that doesn’t look as nice as the picture did. For all those people: keep reading and visiting this page, I will show you the contrary! Making costumes is not very difficult or expensive (it can be, however, if you want to) and walking around in your own costume is very rewarding.

So far for the chatting, I hope you will enjoy reading the articles that are to come. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think!

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4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Nice! I’m looking forward to reading (and trying out?) the easiest tutorials, since I’m a complete noob when it comes to handcrafting. Also, since you enjoy making backgrounds and writing characters, could you share some of your experience with it? For me, the actual roleplaying is the hardest part of DND, and I think writing a solid background could help with that.


  2. seneris

    Yay, your first post! Congratulations!


  3. seneris

    I thought I replied, but wordpress is acting funny… Anyhow, congratulations on your first blogpost! I look forward to your other posts 🙂


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