Costume design: Werewolf

Hello all! Today I would like to do a quick post on a project I started with. I wrote a new character a few months ago, but I don’t have a costume for her yet. In this post I will tell something about the character and show a drawing of what I planned for her. I hope I will be able to place tutorials for most of the pieces here, so you all can benefit from it too! On the bottom of this post I will list the links to all the tutorials as soon as they are online. Keep your eyes open, I guess the first one will be posted in a few days.

So, first something about this new character. Her name is Ylva Ulfi and she is a werewolf shaman. She was born and raised in a very traditional werewolf tribe, but because she did something wrong she was kicked out. Since then, she travels the world with her husband Kah, who is a priest of the werewolf god Lycanus Magnificus. Together, they gathered a little tribe of their own, including some pups, orcs and other werewolves. Because of this traveling her clothes are a mishmash of different styles and old and new clothing. Some pieces still originate from her time with the tribe, others she bought (or, most probably: stole) on her travels. In designing her costume, I wanted to use a lot of my leftover scraps, partly because they have been laying around for years, but also because using a lot of different fabrics creates a nice and patchy look. The drawing I made of it looks like this:

I consider my drawing skills rather poor, but I tried my best 😛 Most of the times costumes start off in my head and they stay there until finished, but I tried to make a drawing this time so you all can see what I’m up to. The finished costume will probably have a lot more details and accessories to it, which I left out in this picture. Anyways, I hope you liked reading this bit and stay tuned for the first tutorial this weekend!

Tutorials for the pieces:

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