Embroidered Peasant Top

This cute blouse is the second part I made for my werewolf costume. It is a simple peasant top, which can be made in one hour if you choose not to decorate it with embroidery. If the right fabric is used, it can also be made as a daywear blouse, maybe with short sleeves for the summer. For this blouse I recommend using light, non-stretching fabrics, like cotton, muslin or a lightweight linen. If you want to add embroidery you may want to use a coarse linen with about 10 threads per cm. Always make sure you have the same amount of threads horizontally and vertically if you want your embroidery to look nice!

  • 1-1.5 m of fabric
  • matching thread
  • elastic of 1 cm wide
  • optional: two skeins (one per color) embroidery silk and needle


  • measure around your chest and add some allowance (at least 10cm) for volume. This is your chest width. Also measure how long you want your blouse to be, this is your blouse length.
  • measure from your shoulders to your wrist (or upper arm for short sleeves) and add at least 10cm allowance, this is your sleeve length. Then put your measuring tape around your upper arm at the desired width of your sleeve, this is your sleeve width.


  • Cut two squares for the body, width equal to half your chest width and height equal to your blouse length.
  • For the sleeves, cut two squares, width equal to sleeve width and height equal to your sleeve length.
  • cut a square of 10×8 cm for the front slit finishing. Also cut a long strip of fabric, 4 cm wide and long enough to fit around the top part of your blouse.
  • shape the pieces according to the drawing below. I used a cardboard piece for the sleeve holes and traced it on both sleeve and body pieces. The shape of the armhole works for me, you may want to alter it but that’s a trial and error process!


  • zigzag all the pieces and iron them. If you want to add embroidery, mark where you want it to be. I added a band of embroidery around the upper part of the sleeve, as visible in the picture.
  • The embroidery pattern I used is shown below and was made in cross-stitches. It’s a fairly simple design, but you can make it as elaborate as you want to. This took me a few hours, but since I like embroidery I didn’t mind at all 🙂


  • Mark the centre of the front body piece neckline. Pin the little square along the neckline as shown in the image, right sides together. Mark the slit, about 8cm long. Don’t cut it yet! First stitch about 2mm around the line and then cut along the line.

  • Turn the square to the wrong side of the body piece and press flat. This might be a little difficult but careful stretching and pulling helps. Stitch the finished slit on the right side of the body piece.
  • Stitch the body pieces together along the sides. Close the underarm seams of the sleeves. Pin the sleeves and body pieces together along the armhole seams and stitch, see image. Now you should have something resembling a peasant blouse with a very wide neckline.


  • Stitch the long strip of fabric along the neckline, fold it to the inside of the blouse and stitch a casing of about 2 cm wide. Fold the hem of the sleeves 3cm to the wrong side of the garment and stitch casings. Don’t forget to leave open a few cm to be able to add the elastic later on!
  • Hem the lower edge of the body.
  • Measure how long you want your elastic pieces to be. I just put a length of elastic around my shoulders and arms, determine how tight I want it to be and cut the right lengths.
  • Put the elastic in the casing around the neckline and make sure the elastic doesn’t twist along the way. You can do this easily by attaching a security pin to the end of the elastic and push this through the casing. Secure the ends at the slit and divide the pleats evenly along the neckline. To make sure the elastic doesn’t twist when washing the garment, stitch through the casing and elastic on the seams between body and sleeves.

  • Put elastic in the sleeve casings. Join the ends of the elastic and close the casings.
  • add ties to the front slit. I added two little braids in the same colors as the embroidery and tied them together to close the front.

And your blouse is finished! I hope you liked this tutorial. Please let me know what you think of this tutorial by using the poll or leaving a comment, I really like to know if you would make this garment! If you have any ideas or request, leave a comment or mail me at  janneke.theimaginaryworlds@gmail.com


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