Purple shawl

Hello everyone! Today I would like to share a project with you that doesn’t have anything to do with LARP, but which I loved making. Now that autumn has kicked in it is time again for warm clothing, hot chocolate and shawls off course! Since I love knitting from time to time, I decided I wanted to make one for W’s mother as a gift. This is how it turned out:

Since she loves purple, I decided to use two different kinds of yarn by Annell (Annell super extra).  One is plain purple, the other contains a mix of purple, brown, cream and black portions. The effect is really nice, as you can see in this picture:

The rows alternate between the plain purple and mixed yarn, giving a beautiful effect. I just love how the base colour of the shawl is purple, spiced up with some accents in different colours. She loved it as much as I did, so I am happy about how it turned out 🙂

The pattern I used for this shawl comes from garnstudio, which is a Finnish (I guess) company, which sells really nice yarns in all kinds of qualities (I am a fan of the alpaca wool, it’s sooooo soft and I am not allergic to it, which is a big plus). Even better is, they have thousands of free patterns on their website. The pattern of this shawl can be found here, and it’s really simple. They claim it’s a good project for starters, and I have to admit it is really really easy. I personally think it is not an ideal starter project however. Since the yarn is so thin, it takes quite some time to finish this project, and that is maybe not a good idea if you want to start knitting, but you are still not sure if you like it . The chance of not completing it is present, which is kinda demotivating when it comes to ever knitting again. I am a little ashamed to tell you it took me about 10 months to finish this one. Oops… I would say: beter start off with something like this: the yarn is really thick, so a project like this is finished in one or two evenings. Quick result, even if you find out you do not like knitting as much as you thought you would.

I hope you liked this quick post on a simple project. I planned to do some more quick projects every now and then, so let me know if you liked this post and if you would like to see more of these!

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4 thoughts on “Purple shawl

  1. I love the purple/other shades of purple effect! I looked at the simple pattern you suggested, but to be honest I don’t really get their explanation, but I think I could maybe get through it with their tutorial videos. Anyway, if I want to start knitting again I’ll ask you for some help 🙂


  2. SO beautiful!!!


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