The Settlers of Catan (and something about all-purpose pouches)

Hi everybody! As you might have read in the ‘about‘ section of this blog, I like playing games, and luckily most of my friends do too (because what’s the fun in playing games alone?). One of the best games of the past 15 years or so is Kolonisten van Catan (in Dutch), or the Settlers of Catan as it is called in english. For the people who do not know this game (shame on you!), the players are settlers on the island of Catan, who collect resources to build roads, villages and cities. Every once in a while, the island is visited by robbers, but don’t worry, the knights are always there to come to the rescue! Lots and lots of different scenarios can take place, which make it such a fun game to play for everyone. It didn’t take long for several expansions to emerge, which allows you to sail over the sea to new worlds, add extra events and so on. So much fun! I remember it didn’t take very long before me and my sister made up our own game with new rules, which is another strong point of this game: it’s versatile enough to be interesting every single play.

The island of Catan

As you might have noticed from the text above, I am still totally in love with this game. Point is, you need at least 3 people to play, the boxes in which the game comes are huge and are quite pricey. Especially the last two points are a bit of a problem to me (being a student with limited storage space and money), so you can imagine I was really thrilled when one of my friends bought the game with most of the extensions. After all, he needs people to play with, so I will gladly volunteer myself for that! He did encounter one small problem however: the box of the starter game does not accomodate for all the wooden pieces that come with the expansions. Not only are there now pieces in 6 different colours, their number has increased also! Luckily, me and my trusted sewing machine came to the rescue, and the result is shown below:


All the pieces are now stored in small bags, with a ribbon in the colour of the pieces that are inside it. Nice, simple and very effective! Making them was no big job at all, I finished all six in under 2 hours. Of course these bags come in handy for all kind of things, from wooden pieces to your trusted dice, from pencils to coins, you name it! Because they are so simple to make, I wanted to share this with you, so if you want to know how I made these, continue reading!

These are the materials I used, feel free to use any fabric or ribbon you want, it really doesn’t matter for this project 🙂

  •  0,3 m black cotton
  • sateen ribbon in the colors of the wooden pieces, 0,3 m of each color (red, white, blue, orange, brown and green for me)
  • black thread



Cut 6 pieces of fabric, twice as wide +3cm and with the height +4cm of your desired pouch size. For me, that were rectangles of 24 cm wide and 18 cm high, which yielded pouches of 10,5 cm wide and 14 cm high. Zigzag stitch around the edges.

Catan 1


Fold the rectangles in half, right sides together. and mark the open edge 4 cm from the top. Stitch the rest of the open edge together, as indicated in the picture below.

Catan 2


Center the seam you just made on the pouch and press the seam open as in the picture. Sew the bottom edge of the pouch closed.

Catan 3


There is a slit left in the upper part of the seam, this will make the opening through which the ribbon comes out when the pouch is finished. Stitch around the edges of the slit as shown in the picture, this prevents the edges of the seam from being drawn out when the ribbon is pulled.

Catan 4


Fold the upper edge of the pouch 2,5 cm in (to the wrong side of the bag) and iron this to make sure it lies nice and flat. Stitch around the lower edge of the folded part, thus making a tunnel for the ribbon, Make sure you line up the edges of the slit, otherwise it will look a bit weird!

Catan 5


Turn the pouches right side out. If the corners of the bag don’t want to fold out, try pushing them out from the inside with a pencil. Then, attach a safety pin to one side of your ribbon and push this through the tunnel you made in the previous step. You will notice that the ribbon will follow automatically. Cut the ribbon on the right length and knot the ends together.

Catan 6

And that’s it! Your pouches are finished! Now you can store whatever you want in a neat way 🙂 I hope you liked this tutorial and that the description was clear to you. Please let me know in the comments!

Ik you have any requests or questions, let me know in the comments or send me an email at

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2 thoughts on “The Settlers of Catan (and something about all-purpose pouches)

  1. Leuke blog, 1 opmerking, je kan ook prima met 2 personen spelen, sterker nog in 1 van de uitbreidingen zit zelfs de spel regels en scenario voor 2 personen in.

    Volgens de “officiële” spelregels voor 2 spelers staat dat je geen afstand regel meer hebt (niet meer 2 straatjes tussen dorpen hoeft) en een kleiner speelbord.

    Maar de echte fanatieke spelers kunnen natuurlijk ook gewoon met 2 spelers met afstandsregel en groter bord spelen 🙂

    Bedankt voor de tips om die zakjes te maken maar ik heb ze niet meer nodig, ik heb iemand die ze heel goed voor mij kan maken 😀


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