Crochetted Pot Holders!

Hello everybody! I am really proud to tell you all that I learned something new! Believe it or not, until some time ago I couldn’t crochet, which frustrated the hell out of me. Knitting, sewing, and embroidering wasn’t a problem at all. But crochetting….. couldn’t get the hang of it. I tried it several times, but I didn’t seem to get it. You have this little loop over here, that’s okay, and then you poke the needle through a hole in your work, and then you wrap the yarn around. Those steps were all fine by me. But when it came to pulling the needle back without sliding the yarn off… That just seemed impossible! Two years ago my aunt (which is a very nice woman, no doubt about that) did another atempt to teach me crochet (on my own request) and she ended up wiping the tears from her eyes because she couldn’t stop laughing. For me that was frustration all over the place. I really did my best, but the best I could do was make my dear aunt laugh! As you might guess, I gave up 😛

It was somewhere this January I decided I wanted to give it one more try. This time I asked my mother and within 15 minutes I knew how to crochet! I have no idea why it didn’t work out all the time, but I learned it anyway. Still, I needed some practice, and the easiest way to do that is making something square and not to big. I also wanted it to be useful, so I came up with potholders! This is the result:

Pot Holders

I love them, they are colourful and they look even better with banana breakfast muffins ;). Alright, the edges are a bit wobbly, I am pretty sure I added and removed some stitches during the process and they are also not equal in size, but I don’t care! I’m a beginner right? These pot holders add some spring feeling to my kitchen, which is something we can really do with at the moment (last weekend it snowed in the Netherlands, I’m not kidding).

Unfortunately, I can’t show you how I made these. I didn’t use a pattern but just made it up on the go. Garnstudio has some patterns for pot holders I think, and also some very useful movies on how to crochet. This page contains all the different stitches, so I hope these will help you a bit!

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4 thoughts on “Crochetted Pot Holders!

  1. Annelies

    Well done! (Your mother). 😏


  2. Anne

    Nice! They are really colourful :). And mothers with the same creative hobbies, like crochet, are awesome. Just the other day my mom helped me interpret a crochet pattern and her advice totally fixed my problem.


  3. They’re so pretty, looking at them makes me think of spring.


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