My Easter weekend

Hello everybody, maybe it’s a bit late to tell about how I spent my Easter weekend (I wanted to publish this post last tuesday, but yeah, life got in the way again! :P). It was a very good weekend, despite the fact that it was too cold for the time of the year, about 4-6 C, why?!? It didn’t matter much, my boyfriend was at my place for this long weekend and we both spent some time on our hobby projects. Since the weekend counted 4 days, I could finally sink my teeth in some projects that I neglected for far too long. In this post, I want to show you what I did and what you can expect in some post the upcoming time!

The first thing I did is something I wanted to do for a very very long time: I cut the fabric for my first quilting project! About a year ago I stumbled upon the blog Obsessively Stitching, which has a nice comprehensive tutorial on how to make a disappearing nine-patch quilt. It looked so interesting and appealing to me, that I wanted to give it a try right away. But as with a lot of my hobby projects, the fabrics I bought were hibernating on my shelf for almost a year, but last weekend I decided to cut them all up! I expected it to take a very long time (84 squares and 16 rectangles) but it only took me about 3 hours! Why didn’t I do this before?

Easter Weekend 1

These are the fabrics I used. 12 fat quarters, used up until the very last scrap! I’m not 100% sure about the fabrics. I liked them apart from each other, with the rustic motifs and muted colours. Seeing them all together like this, I don’t know how my quilt will turn out. It can either become the rustic quilt I wanted it to be, or something totally kitsch! Only one way to find out, forward is the only way to go!  Maybe I will make a post about the project, showing off my progress and the interesting process behind the disappearing nine-patch. It’s so cool!

I also spent some time on improving my crochet skills. I felt quite unstoppable, until I tried to crochet a flower. My mom came to the rescue again, and I can proudly announce that I crochetted five flowers so far 🙂

Easter weekend 2

If you study this flower closely, it’s obvious which leaf was done by my mother. Yes, it’s the lower one 😉 mine look al wobbly again, but I am improving! *proudness*

The last thing I spent some time on is a new hobby. Somewhere around Christmas my boyfriend dug up hig old Warhammer 40.000 army (Space Wolves, lots of them) and started painting them. Curious as I am, I wanted to give it a try too. I never should have done that. To make a long story short: I have a small army of my own now (Dark Eldar, the only army with a substantial amount of female models in it) and I already did some painting on them. During Easter I started on one of the important figures of my army, Lelith Hesperax. She has very long hair, not that much clothes on her body (I still thinks Warhammer is a hobby mostly for boys, guess why) and two swords. This is how far I got this weekend:


I’m terribly sorry for the bad picture, there was no camera around, only a mobile phone with a horrible flash. I will make a better picture as soon as I finished the model and post it here. And maybe some more pictures of my army of angry girls in the future!

I hope you all had a good time too 🙂 The weather seems to be improving, which is a good thing considering all the upcoming festivals. Can’t wait for real spring!

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3 thoughts on “My Easter weekend

  1. You have the patience of a saint to cut them all out! I’d love to able to progress to do something this big – good luck 🙂
    I’m new to wordpress and have just posted about a quilting project I am working on, so if you wouldn’t mind checking it out that’d be great 🙂


  2. Hahaha, there is a simple trick to it, I will show it when I have the time, If you have a rotary cutter (sort of small pizza knife) you can cut multiple squares at a time in a very precise manner 🙂 And then 84 squares is not that much anymore 🙂


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