Elf Fantasy Fair Haarzuilens 2013

Hi everybody! As a real fantasy-lover, I just can’t skip Europe’s biggest fantasy festival: The Elf Fantasy Fair Haarzuilens! This wonderful festival, which took place last weekend at Kasteel de Haar (near Utrecht, The Netherlands) is a wonderful place to be for everyone who likes to dress up in their best costume and enjoy the best of fantasy for two days. I went there not as a visitor but as an entertainer, to promote the post-apocalyptic LARP events of our group. On thursday I arrived, we built up our camp and spent all friday fixing the final details on our costumes, building some additional stuff to our camp (yes, we love to improvise) and just having fun in general. On saturday and sunday, the fair was open to public and we had a blast telling everyone about the things we do and why it’s so fun to join one of our events. This drew a lot of attention, which is good! I wish I could show you a picture of camp and the things we did,but I forgot my camera, damnit. I did however buy some nice new things to incorporate in future projects, which I do want to show you!


My first purchase are those fantastic fabric stamps. They are made of wood, the pattern is carved in deep enough to produce a nice and crisp print. I already had some of those, but I am very happy I have three new ones to add to my collection! The stand where I bought these had probably a thousand different motifs, so picking the nicest was quite a challenge. I just wanted to have most of them, couldn’t help it ;). I ended up with those three, but if the seller of these stamps is at the next festival again, I will probably buy more.

The second thing I bought was a pile of reindeer hide scraps. They sold complete skins for 35 euros, but I really didn’t know what to do with a complete reindeer, because it’s so big and not that flexible. So I searched through a basket with leftover pieces and found the same amount of hide (only in 5 pieces) for 12 euros. Very good to incorporate in costumes! Reindeer fur is very isolating, because the hairs are hollow. I will probably use them to decorate a cloak at the shoulders, and then it’s functional too!


In addition to the things I bought, I also got two presents, quite unexpectedly! One of my friends from the LARP group is very good with leather and made me a pair of  ‘gloves’  without fingers, which kept my wrists warm in the evening. I love them, the gorgeous purple colour and the asymmetric looks are totally to my taste. Thanks! I will wear them as much as I can from now on!


The last thing I got was something my boyfriend managed to get his hands on. When our group was waiting for the start of one of our promotional shows, Prof. Rotherham came walking by. For people who do not know him: he is a professor in Celtic lore and gives fantastic lectures on interesting subjects on the fantasy fair every year. He is a real Brittish gentleman, such a friendly and funny person, I personally think it is impossible not to like him! Anyways, he came walking by, talked a bit to us and then took three guys of our group (including my boyfriend) to his office on the terrain, fetched three pictures of himself from somewhere and signed them! My boyfriend knows I am a fan of the professor, so instead of his name, he asked the professor if he could sign a picture for me. And here it is!


Totally awesome!

So, my Elf Fantasy Fair 2013 was really nice. I look forward to the next edition in September, which I guess I will attend also. Maybe I will visit some other festivals too, I don’t know yet. Suggestions anyone?

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