I’m back!!!

Hello everybody, I’m back online! I am still alive, although it has been very quiet here for some time. Yesterday, I was shocked to see I didn’t post anything for the last 3 (!) months. This was mainly due to my study, because in a few weeks I will be able to call myself MSc in natural sciences, which is something I am quite proud of.

Not blogging (or even touching the sewing machine) for so long made me think about how to continue with this blog. My intentions when I started this blog was writing about LARP and making costumes, but I realized I have so much more hobbies I could write about! Writing about them is also fun, and since making tutorials takes a lot of time, writing about books, games and recipes will give me a chance to put a post on this blog much more often. So, in the weeks to come I hope I will have more time to blog and see how it turns out! My first recipe is already on its way, so stay tuned it you want to know how to make my favourite pie…

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One thought on “I’m back!!!

  1. Letty Dickhout

    Hei hei…..

    Det er veldig bra at jeg leser denne new post og du er kommer igjen….. Vennlig hilsen Letty


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