Cute stuffed animal

When it comes to gifts, I always prefer giving home made items over bought presents.  Not only do you give a unique gift to that person, matching to what colours, shapes and so on the receiver likes, but I also think home made presents show a lot of appreciation and love from the person who made it. Maybe it wasn’t as expensive as that piece of jewelery from the store, but someone put some thought and effort in making something special for you. How nice is that!

Not so long ago I made this cute stuffed animal for the little daughter of two friends of mine. This one is a chicken, but I think the weird shape can easily be transformed into a lot of different animals. It’s very soft and squishy, and this one got chewed on right away. I guess that is a good thing for very young explorers!


You will need:

  • Leftover pieces of cotton
  • matching thread
  • Toy stuffing
  • embroidery yarn for the eyes (if you make this for young children, make sure you don’t use any decoration that can be swallowed or breathed in)


First, cut the pieces you will need for this chicken according to the drawing below. You can resize this pattern to your liking as much as you want, from very small to huge.

chicken pattern


First, put the right sides of the beak, comb and tail pieces together and stitch along the indicated lines. Trim the seams and turn the pieces right side out. Press flat and lay aside for later.

step 2


Then, place the right sides of the squares for the body together. Sandwich the comb in between the two pieces and stitch the seams indicated by the pink dashed lines. Leave an opening in the left seam, this will be the opening for the filling later on. Then, sandwich the beak in between the two pieces and stitch along the blue dashed line.

step 3


Now you have some kind of bag with one open end. Put the two seams in the open side together, this makes the body some kind of three-sided pyramid. Sandwich the two tail pieces in between, with the smallest triangle on the same side as the seam with the comb in it. Stitch the seam along the pink dashed line.


Turn the chicken right side out through the hole you left open. Make sure all the corners are pushed out fully. Stuff the animal with the filling bit by bit and close the hole in its belly by hand. Then, get some embroidery thread and make a knot at the end. Enter the chicken through the seam under the beak, If you poke your needle in between two stitches, you should be able to pull the knot inside so it is invisible. Embrioider the eye on in any fashion you wish, bring the needle back to the point where you entered the chicked and finish of the thread. Your chicken is done!

Of course, a thousand variations of this chicken can de made. I have one made of two log cabin patchwork squares, which is a bit more work but also looks very nice. Use your imagination, this simple animal has a thousand options. Let me know what you did and send me a picture at

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