Latest obsession: Amigurumi!

Hi everyone! A happy 2014 to all of you, I hope you’ve had a nice holiday season. I certainly had, with a lot of nice people, good food and of course a lot of hobbying! In fact I discovered something new I am totally crazy about: Amigurumi! Somewhere in November a friend invited me and some other people over for an evening of knitting and crochet. She showed us some books on amigurumi, which is (apparently) the Japanese word for cute small stuffed animals. I loved the idea the moment I was introduced to them! When I went home again, I decided I would ask Santa for some books on Amigurumi, and he certainly heard me I guess! I got two books, one with animals from the forest (owls and frogs, so cute!), and one with 25 different animals (a lot of cats and dogs, but also very nice birds).


I couldn’t wait to get started with all the cute animals in the books, but I wanted to start with something small and easy. In two hours, this lovely blue snail was born! He is tumbling over all the time (on his face or his side), so next time I will fill the lower part of the body with something heavy, but I like it nonetheless. He seems to be a happy snail, but I’ll have to make a little friend for him some time soon!


Because I know everything can be found somewhere on the internet, I also looked for amigurumi patterns online. A myriad of cute crochet patterns awaited me, and I picked out two (or actually three) of them to make as presents for family and friends.

The first pattern is of a Bad Piggy and an Angry Bird, that I found on Nerdigurumi (link to the pattern). Wijbe’s uncle loves to play Angry Birds all the time, so I decided I would make him those as a present. He loved them! Unfortunately I forgot to make a picture of them, but this is what they looked like:

Angry Bird and Bad Piggy by Nerdigurumi

The last (and my personal favorite) amigurumi I made as a present was a Prinny. Prinnies are penguin-like figures with small bat wings from the game Disgaea. I never played the game (will do in the near future I hope!) but since I am a big fan of everything penguin-like I decided to like them anyway. A friend of mine, who played the game and told me about prinnies, ceebrated his birthday in December so I decided to make him a Prinny. I found this amazing pattern and started right way. He really liked it, and now the two of them drink a whisky together regularly:


I really loved making those amigurumi, and I will definately make some more in the near future. I hope you liked this post and let me know what you crafted recently!

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2 thoughts on “Latest obsession: Amigurumi!

  1. Renee

    they look so cute! =D


  2. Last year, I made them too 😀 So funny to make!


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