My First Quilt: Part 3

Hello all! Hahaha, it has been almost a year since my last post, but I decided I didn’t want to quit my blog just like that. In fact, I would really like to pick up the writing again. A lot has changed for me, I moved to a new house and started a new job last year, which might explain my absence here. Anyways, in the meantime I finished a lot of projects, including this nice quilt:


In my last post, I told you that I was a bit afraid of the quilting part… Because of that, it rested for 2 months on a shelf before I found the courage to pick it up again. I wish I had done that earlier, because in the end the quilting was so easy and the blanket was finished in no time! Here is the final part of this tutorial (after part 1 and part 2), and a bonus quilt made by the same method at the end of this post!


So, after finishing the quilt sandwich, it’s time for the quilting! Since I have a very old sewing machine without free foot option (the one that allows you to make the nice swirly patterns) I decided to go for a simple grid. I first stitched over the seams in between the blocks to fixate the layers of the quilt. Afer that, I stitched the seams in the blocks  themselves from one edge to the other (yes, that means stitching through the big squares, don’t worry!). Just do what you like best, you can find countless ideas on how to do this on the internet!


Now it’s time to put the binding around your quilt! You remember the strips of fabric from the beginning? You’ll use them now! Sew all of them together on the short sides, creating a very long strip, and press the seams open. Now fold the strip in half, long sides together, and press. Starting approximately in the middle of one of the long sides of your quilt, line up the rough edges of your binding with the edge of your quilt top, and pin in place. Yes, both layers! Don’t unfold your binding, because he double layer of fabric will give a nice, firm finish.


 When you reach the corner, fold the binding as indicated in the picture below:


So first outwards, and then back to your quilt top, lining up the fold line with the edge of your quilt. This will allow enough room to fold your binding to the back of your quilt. When you reach the start of your binding again, leave a 1,5 cm overlap between the two ends and cut off the rest. After pinning, start the stitching of your binding about 10cm away from the start of your binding. Stop about 10cm before the end of your binding, because you have to join the two ends first! Grab the two loose ends of your binding and unfold them. Line up the edges, pin and sew with a 7mm seam allowance. press the seam open and voila! Your binding is joined all around! Stitch the last 20 cm of seam and you are ready for the final steps…



And now for the last few bits…. almost there! First, trim the edges of your quilt at 1,5 cm from the stitch line of your binding. Then, fold your binding to the back, around the rough edges. You can do two things now: 1) machine stitch your binding into place and hope that it will look good, or 2) spend a little more time on hand-stitching your binding and being sure it will look very neat (I chose option 2, as you might have guessed). Using a blind stitch (see picture below) about 1 cm apart, secure the binding all around. It took me about 2-3 hours, enough time to watch a movie or some episodes of your favorite series. Who says finishing your quilt by hand is boring? This is multi-tasking at its best!

blind stitch

And after this, your quilt is finished! This is my end product:


I love it! It’s always somewhere near my couch, and when it gets a bit cold in the evening I snuggle up under my quilt. I really loved making this one, and decided to make a second one for friends who were expecting a baby:


Made by using exactly the same principle, but a different arrangement of the blocks! Making this one was a lot of fun,because of all the cute fabrics I got to use. What will be next?

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