New Year’s LARP resolutions for 2015

First of all: Happy 2015 everybody! I hope you all had wonderful holidays with your family and friends, I definately did. As 2015 has started and all the party is over, time has come to think about the year ahead of us. I’m not really a person to make very stringent resolutions for myself, as I know that not living up to them is very probable and also very stressful for me. The new year is, however, a good moment to reflect on last year and think about things that I want to do in 2015. So no ‘real’ resolutions for me, but when it comes to my hobbies, I do have a few things that I would like to do this year! I thought I’d share them here with you. In December (that sounds so far away right now…) I will see what came true this year. So, here is my list:

1. Visit fantasy LARPs again. In 2014, I visited not a single fantasy LARP organised by the association I’m a member of. Of course I had my reasons (no money, no time, new job…) but after a year off I start to miss them. I miss the people I normally see at those events and I miss the intimate atmosphere of an event with 50 people or so. I did visit post-apocalyptic LARPs (where I’m an NPC and game master, which is not the same as being a PC) and Drachenfest in Germany, but those things are definately very different. I hope I can find the possibility to re-enter the stories I’ve been a part of for quite some time either with an old character or a new one!

2. Attend a huge LARP event again. As said before, last summer I went to Drachenfest, an event with about 5000 visitors in Germany. I was blown away by what I saw… I just couldn’t wrap my head around the shear amount of tents, houses, gates, gardens and (most of all) dressed up people doing their thing. I went to the Elf Fantasy fair quite some times (which draws 15000 people but is just a fantasy festival where you can but stuff and see acts), but this is so different and so much better. I will write an article very soon about this experience, as it was wonderful. We will visit the festival again next summer, and I’m already looking forward to it.

3. Visit a fantasy festival in a pretty dress. This might sound like a stupid one… I will explain why I want this. I visit the Elf Fantasy Fair (or Elfia as it is called now) twice a year. Not as a visitor, but to promote the post-apocalyptic role-playing events I have been a part of for about 4 years now. This means I live at the festival terrain for those days, in run-down tents, cooking my food over oil drums and people watching everything you do all day long, and all this while wearing run-down clothing, covered in mud. It’s awesome, no doubt about that, but somewhere in my heart I want to have a pretty dress too sometimes. If only for one day 😛 So in 2015, I want to make a real victorian bustle dress and walk the festival grounds in a pretty dress!

4. Use up a lot of stuff I have lying around. This is something that a lot of people who like hobbying as much as I do will recognize I think. I have a big stash of fabric, wool, beads and other stuff lying around, which are either leftovers from other projects, projects-to-be and the things you just couldn’t leave in the store because they are so pretty… It happens to all of us I think, and you don’t really realize what you have… until you move. In March, I moved to a new house and I started packing my stuff. I was a bit shocked to see how much I had! I threw away a lot of hobby stuff (or rather, donated it to other people) and kept quite some stuff too. In this new year,  I will try to use something I already have in each hobby project.

5. Maybe blogging a bit more? Last year, I wrote 2 articles. That is not a lot! Considering all that happened it’s not weird, but I sometimes missed the writing a bit. I hope that next year I will be able to write some more articles and put some love in this blog again 🙂


That pretty much sums up my hobby resolutions for 2015! Do you have any nice plans for 2015 when it comes to your hobbies?

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