About me

First of all: Welcome! My name is Janneke. I live in the Netherlands, and like most people of my age my life is mostly filled with studying and spending time with friends, family and my boyfriend W.  Things I like to do are reading, drinking tea, cooking, dancing, singing and playing games like Dungeons and Dragons and Magic the Gathering. That’s right, I love everything that has to do with fantasy and roleplaying, as you probably allready figured out by reading this blog.

When I was 18 years old, I went to the first live roleplay event in my life and it was love at first sight. Just the sheer fun of being someone or even something else than just your normal everyday person can be amazing! Being a nobleman, monster, elf or wizard for a day or two can change the way you look at yourself, the people around you and best of all: make a lot of friends!

Almost 6 years have gone by now, and I still have a lot of fun visiting different events, writing characters and especially: making costumes. Every new character is a good excuse to make a new costume, because for me that’s half the fun of live roleplay. With this blog, I hope to inspire fellow roleplayers to make their own costumes and go one step beyond the pirate-shirt-and-green-cloak LARP outfit.


5 thoughts on “About me

  1. Dungeons and Dragons…I should try this out. You know, I’ve heard about it lots. I hear Vin Diesel likes it!


    • Absolutely! It’s an amazing game, lots of fun guaranteed. The last edition (5th) just came out, and it’s very good.


      • Is it just the luck of the dice or is there strategy? (Not that I care…since I love Risk which is all about luck.)


      • It’s a bit of both… Suppose you are a rogue, which is written to be sneaky, does a lot of backstabbing and that kind of things. She wears a light armour, to be able to move around easily. This means that standing in front of a bigass monster is probably a bad idea, whereas sneaking around it and stabbing it in its back is a far better idea (this is the strategy part). But even then, the skin might be too tough, maybe she loses balance for a moment, and she fails her hits (the luck part). This is in short what might happen. I am planning to write a post on Dungeons and Dragons sometime soon, so look out for that one if you’re interested 😉


      • See…that sounds super Super cool! I will look out for it. It seems like something this professor could get into. (Thanks for explaining a bit to me!()


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