Last-minute Costuming

Somewhere in June, friends of mine organised their first LARP event and asked me as an NPC. I agreed to help them out, I had to play an elfish servant in the local tavern that weekend, which was fine by me. Since it was a first-time event, they did not have that many costumes, so I decided I would bring my own. The only thing I did not take into account was that I apparently did not have anything suitable lying around for this character (I was very surprised) and that I did not have the time to make a completely new costume! The only option left was making something up with the bits and pieces from previous characters and costumes…

A week before the event the weather was acting grumpy, rainy, cloudy and far too cool for the time of the year, so I decided to go for something which would keep me warm during the day and night, so I took an old black linen dress I made a few years ago for a priestess. I bought an organza fabric with leaves printed on it at the market (very elfish) and decided I would incorporate that somewhere in the final costume. When I got home, I decided I only liked the leaves (and not the fabric in between) so I cut them out and attached them  to the dress (with safety pins) in a pattern that I thought looked OK:


Certainly nothing I am really proud of, or something I would do again, but good enough to serve its purpose. Until…

… The unthinkable happened. At least, when you live in the Netherlands like I do.  Two hours before I had to leave for the weekend, the sun peaked through the clouds and suddenly the weather was warm, if not hot! And I was stuck with a long-sleeved black dress… What to do now?

I emptied my baskets with costumes and my closet and put a costume together from a few pieces of clothing and accessories I found around the house. I ended up with:

  • a brown skirt I bought last summer
  • my werewolf underskirt, which I pinned up in the front with a few safety pins and decorated with a few of the leaves from the black dress
  • a white blouse I forgot about
  • two leather belts
  • a piece of faux ivy that normally decorates the shower
  • some pieces of jewelry

and it ended up looking like this:


Not bad at all! More suitable for the weather, quite layered (which I really like) and put together in 15 minutes. Not having a costume can never be an excuse to skip a weekend, that’s what I discovered here. And yes, safety pins are your best friends in these emergency cases! Have you ever made a costume in under an hour which turned out better than you thought it would? Let me know in the comments!

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Patchy Tiered Peasant skirt

Hello everybody! It has been a while since my last blog post, I have been so busy with the holidays and my internship! at this moment, however, I just feel like blogging again and I have something really nice today: A new tutorial on my werewolf costume! Slowly but steady all the pieces of this costume are coming together and I plan on finishing some more stuff very soon. In this tutorial I will show you the second skirt of this costume. It is the cute patchy overskirt in the drawing I wrote about last year. It will be worn over the underskirt I already made, as can be seen in these pictures (yay for snow, I love it!):

Ylva skirt 2

Ylva skirt 1

It’s very wide (the bottom tier is more than 9,5 m long!) and flows around your legs with every movement you make. I love this skirt, and if you want to make one too, I will explain how to do so below!

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Printed T-shirts

Hello everybody! In this post I would like to show you these nice printed t-shirts I made last summer! Boyfriend W spotted a shirt he really liked, but it was ridiculously expensive (but still a simple cotton shirt… hooray for expensive brands…). I promised him I would make a shirt like that for him, but a lot cheaper! After a lot of washing the print still holds well, so if you can find the right paint I can guarantee you that it will hold for quite some time.

With the upcoming holidays I can imagine a shirt like this as a very nice present for your friends and/or family. Nothing as unique as a home-made present totally made to someones personal taste! If you want to make your own, keep reading 🙂

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