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Cute stuffed animal

When it comes to gifts, I always prefer giving home made items over bought presents.  Not only do you give a unique gift to that person, matching to what colours, shapes and so on the receiver likes, but I also think home made presents show a lot of appreciation and love from the person who made it. Maybe it wasn’t as expensive as that piece of jewelery from the store, but someone put some thought and effort in making something special for you. How nice is that!

Not so long ago I made this cute stuffed animal for the little daughter of two friends of mine. This one is a chicken, but I think the weird shape can easily be transformed into a lot of different animals. It’s very soft and squishy, and this one got chewed on right away. I guess that is a good thing for very young explorers!


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Last-minute Costuming

Somewhere in June, friends of mine organised their first LARP event and asked me as an NPC. I agreed to help them out, I had to play an elfish servant in the local tavern that weekend, which was fine by me. Since it was a first-time event, they did not have that many costumes, so I decided I would bring my own. The only thing I did not take into account was that I apparently did not have anything suitable lying around for this character (I was very surprised) and that I did not have the time to make a completely new costume! The only option left was making something up with the bits and pieces from previous characters and costumes…

A week before the event the weather was acting grumpy, rainy, cloudy and far too cool for the time of the year, so I decided to go for something which would keep me warm during the day and night, so I took an old black linen dress I made a few years ago for a priestess. I bought an organza fabric with leaves printed on it at the market (very elfish) and decided I would incorporate that somewhere in the final costume. When I got home, I decided I only liked the leaves (and not the fabric in between) so I cut them out and attached them  to the dress (with safety pins) in a pattern that I thought looked OK:


Certainly nothing I am really proud of, or something I would do again, but good enough to serve its purpose. Until…

… The unthinkable happened. At least, when you live in the Netherlands like I do.  Two hours before I had to leave for the weekend, the sun peaked through the clouds and suddenly the weather was warm, if not hot! And I was stuck with a long-sleeved black dress… What to do now?

I emptied my baskets with costumes and my closet and put a costume together from a few pieces of clothing and accessories I found around the house. I ended up with:

  • a brown skirt I bought last summer
  • my werewolf underskirt, which I pinned up in the front with a few safety pins and decorated with a few of the leaves from the black dress
  • a white blouse I forgot about
  • two leather belts
  • a piece of faux ivy that normally decorates the shower
  • some pieces of jewelry

and it ended up looking like this:


Not bad at all! More suitable for the weather, quite layered (which I really like) and put together in 15 minutes. Not having a costume can never be an excuse to skip a weekend, that’s what I discovered here. And yes, safety pins are your best friends in these emergency cases! Have you ever made a costume in under an hour which turned out better than you thought it would? Let me know in the comments!

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The Settlers of Catan (and something about all-purpose pouches)

Hi everybody! As you might have read in the ‘about‘ section of this blog, I like playing games, and luckily most of my friends do too (because what’s the fun in playing games alone?). One of the best games of the past 15 years or so is Kolonisten van Catan (in Dutch), or the Settlers of Catan as it is called in english. For the people who do not know this game (shame on you!), the players are settlers on the island of Catan, who collect resources to build roads, villages and cities. Every once in a while, the island is visited by robbers, but don’t worry, the knights are always there to come to the rescue! Lots and lots of different scenarios can take place, which make it such a fun game to play for everyone. It didn’t take long for several expansions to emerge, which allows you to sail over the sea to new worlds, add extra events and so on. So much fun! I remember it didn’t take very long before me and my sister made up our own game with new rules, which is another strong point of this game: it’s versatile enough to be interesting every single play.

The island of Catan

As you might have noticed from the text above, I am still totally in love with this game. Point is, you need at least 3 people to play, the boxes in which the game comes are huge and are quite pricey. Especially the last two points are a bit of a problem to me (being a student with limited storage space and money), so you can imagine I was really thrilled when one of my friends bought the game with most of the extensions. After all, he needs people to play with, so I will gladly volunteer myself for that! He did encounter one small problem however: the box of the starter game does not accomodate for all the wooden pieces that come with the expansions. Not only are there now pieces in 6 different colours, their number has increased also! Luckily, me and my trusted sewing machine came to the rescue, and the result is shown below:


All the pieces are now stored in small bags, with a ribbon in the colour of the pieces that are inside it. Nice, simple and very effective! Making them was no big job at all, I finished all six in under 2 hours. Of course these bags come in handy for all kind of things, from wooden pieces to your trusted dice, from pencils to coins, you name it! Because they are so simple to make, I wanted to share this with you, so if you want to know how I made these, continue reading!

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Printed T-shirts

Hello everybody! In this post I would like to show you these nice printed t-shirts I made last summer! Boyfriend W spotted a shirt he really liked, but it was ridiculously expensive (but still a simple cotton shirt… hooray for expensive brands…). I promised him I would make a shirt like that for him, but a lot cheaper! After a lot of washing the print still holds well, so if you can find the right paint I can guarantee you that it will hold for quite some time.

With the upcoming holidays I can imagine a shirt like this as a very nice present for your friends and/or family. Nothing as unique as a home-made present totally made to someones personal taste! If you want to make your own, keep reading 🙂

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Purple shawl

Hello everyone! Today I would like to share a project with you that doesn’t have anything to do with LARP, but which I loved making. Now that autumn has kicked in it is time again for warm clothing, hot chocolate and shawls off course! Since I love knitting from time to time, I decided I wanted to make one for W’s mother as a gift. This is how it turned out:

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Embroidered Peasant Top

This cute blouse is the second part I made for my werewolf costume. It is a simple peasant top, which can be made in one hour if you choose not to decorate it with embroidery. If the right fabric is used, it can also be made as a daywear blouse, maybe with short sleeves for the summer. For this blouse I recommend using light, non-stretching fabrics, like cotton, muslin or a lightweight linen. If you want to add embroidery you may want to use a coarse linen with about 10 threads per cm. Always make sure you have the same amount of threads horizontally and vertically if you want your embroidery to look nice!

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Half circle skirt with flounce

Hello everybody! As promised, here is the first tutorial on my blog! This skirt is the first part of my costume for Ylva, the new character I wrote about last week. She wears it as an underskirt, so only the lower part will be visible. On top of it there will be a shorter skirt made of linen scraps, more about that one later! 

This half circle shirt is easy to make, flows out beautiful and is a good basic piece for every (female) costume. It closes in the back with a slit and a tie closure (is it called like that?) The flounce I added is optional, I liked it because of the peasant-y look it gives. Not adding it looks also very good and certainly saves you a lot of time, because gathering the fabric is quite time-consuming. For making this skirt I recommend using non-stretch fabric. Any kind of light-weight, supple fabric will do, as long as it’s not too stiff. Now, on to the tutorial!

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